About Traditional Hereford Cattle

cattle about 02 copyWe farm using the old fashioned methods.

By planting a good herbal ley as pasture grass you manage to eradicate the need for fertilizer as the plants themselves put back goodness into the soil in the form of nitrogen.

A good herbal pasture grass will give our cattle medicinal plants and some of the best pastures give our cattle a daily boost this also help to keep the internal parasites and worms down too.

In the spring before the cattle head out onto the ley we walk the meadows, look at the ley and test the soil, heavy hooves and rain compact the soil which in turn prevents water penetrating to the roots, we don’t heavy roll and compact further, we aerate our meadows allowing the rain water to go seep deep into the grass roots then, using natural liquid seaweed we fertilise our meadows.

cattle-about-01Good Soil ~ Good Grass Good Grass ~ Good Stock Simple

Our bull runs freely with our cows, letting him do his job in his own time and letting the cows be served when they are in season.

We have a closed herd, meaning nothing is brought onto our farm other than a new bull every three years, all our stock has being bred and born on our farm

~ Do it naturally ~