the Original population

Grazing from our old ley meadows lavished with mixed grasses, wildflowers and herbs gives our cattle the nourishment and vital minerals they require, naturally.

Our cattle roam freely, we do not intensely farm, they do not require antibiotics nor are they de-horned, we leave our cattle to grow naturally and in a natural environment.

Our calves are left on their mothers for up to 8 months, growing rapidly on their mother milk and thriving off the old mixed leys.

We do not spray our fields with chemicals, just a mist of natural liquid seaweed, balancing the soil for our mixed leys to flourish.

Our assurance we give to you

  • Traceability – All our cattle are bred and born on our farm
  • Grass fed – slow grown on our mixed leys for up to 30 months

Pure Beef – No chemicals or antibiotics