John Beavan

For over 40 years, John and his team of highly trained dedicated, skilled cabinetmakers have built a reputation for quality, creativity and a high level of customer satisfaction in creating commissions.

A large, fully equipped workshop area includes adequate individual workshop areas for each cabinetmaker to work in. This is impractical for larger manufacturers, who depend on volume and robotic processes and machinery. Large manufacturers may outsource overseas to deliver mass produced, inferior pieces. These pieces are made for the fads and fashions of the times and have their place in the market for “quick fix furniture”

Our work could not be further from this mass-produced industry. The pieces we make are functional, beautiful and extremely labour-intensive for the client who would like to hand on pieces for future cherished guardianship or profitable sale.

We are a small team, designing unique and limited-edition pieces, working in traditional techniques using hand selected, luxurious materials.

As artisans, we ask our clients have a reasonable lead time, a realistic budget for the kind of work we are committed to making and a vision to commission pieces that we trust will both meet their requirements and exceed expectations.

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