Our news

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day is every day at Parson's Hall Farm, as we celebrate the beauty of nature's cycles, such as this Maple Tree gracefully dances in the wind as it releases its seeds, akin to tiny helicopters, twirling and spiralling to the earth below.

  • Discover the Natural Benefits of Herbal Leys at Parsons Hall Farm

    Explore the natural advantages of herbal leys at Parsons Hall Farm. Our approach prioritise the health of our livestock and the biodiversity of our landscape.

  • Unlock the Secrets of Grass-Fed Goodness

    Discover the transformative insights of Graham Harvey's groundbreaking book, 'Grass-Fed Nation,' shedding light on the remarkable health benefits of grass-fed meat and dairy over their grain-fed counterparts.

  • Spring Calving Season

    Spring calving season is in full swing at Parson's Hall Farm! Our Traditional Hereford cattle thrive in their natural environment, surrounded by lush old ley meadows abundant with mixed grasses, wildflowers, and herbs.

  • Stone Walling - A Craft of Precision

    A seasoned stone mason knows that each stone should be touched only once. Fred once again showcased his mastery in crafting a stunning stone wall, which now encases the farm's water system within its ancient ruins.

  • Healthy Traditional Hereford Cattle at Parsons Hall Farm

    We take pride in our rigorous health testing protocols, ensuring our cattle are free from BVD, Johnes, Lepto, IBR, and Neospora.